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You’re Invited
November 18, 2018

You’re Invited

Passage: Isaiah 25:6-9, Luke 14:12-24
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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, let's talk about food, and parties, and banquets! Jesus tells a story of a great banquet to which the invited guests did not show up. They all had excuses, none of which were particularly good, and the man who threw the party was left to invite guests who no one would have expected. He invited anyone and everyone who had never been invited to a banquet before. The poor, crippled, blind, and lame all began to walk into his house, but still, there was room. So he kept looking and compelled as many as he could to show up. In the end, there was not one person at the party who deserved to be there, but for those were there, they were there because they said yes to the invitation.

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