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The Wilderness
February 18, 2018

The Wilderness

Passage: Matthew 4:1-11, Psalm 63:1-4
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We have all been in a spiritual wilderness at one time or another. It is a time of testing, of temptation, and of trial. But our times in the wilderness—if utilized well—produce a certain fruit, a beautiful fruit. These times are no fun, but they can be extremely powerful in your faith journey. They are to be viewed not as a defect in your spirituality, but as a catalyst to deeper faith. In the Christian calendar, Lent represents a wilderness period of 40 days, the end of which produces nothing less than resurrection! A new creation. So also, for Moses, Elijah, and Jesus (all of whom spend 40 days in the wilderness), their wilderness experiences propel them into a ministry that is powerful, God-inspired, and world-changing.  May God use our wilderness period similarly.

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