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The Mountain Top
February 25, 2018

The Mountain Top

Passage: Mark 9:2-10; Psalm 24:1-4; 7-8
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Mark 9:2-10, the transfiguration of Jesus, is a story of the confusion of Peter and the disciples. While Peter understands that Jesus is the Christ (i.e., the long-awaited King), he does not understand the fullness of Jesus' mission as the Christ. As Peter sees Jesus turn bright white and enter the presence of old heroes, Moses and Elijah, Peter is looking for a glory without the cross. He is ready for the King to reign but does not understand that Jesus' death is part of the package. But Jesus knows that before he can ascend the true mountain of glory, he must first descend into the valley of death. And what's more, he beckons his disciples to follow after him, to deny themselves, to pick up their cross, and to follow him. Peter was not expecting to follow this kind of Christ. Are you?

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