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Sins of the Father
August 12, 2018

Sins of the Father

Passage: 2 Samuel 12:7-13; 2 Samuel 18:24-33
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After David's sin with Bathsheba in 2 Samuel 11, there is a downward spiral that takes place in his life over the following chapters. His family begins to take on some of David's darker characteristics, his children begin to turn on each other, and his son, Absalom, even turns on David and threatens to undo David's legacy. We often think of sin as private and personal, but the story of David teaches us otherwise. His sins affect his whole family and even the kingdom. The sin in our hearts matters because it has the tendency to warp God's image in us, and that warping has a tendency to spill out on those around us, especially on those who love us and look up to us. The warped character of David’s children, therefore, is a mirror of the warped character of David himself.

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