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Our Family
September 30, 2018

Our Family

Passage: Psalm 103:17-19; Matthew 12:46-50
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Living in an ancient world where family ties were far stronger and more important than they are today, Jesus would have to understand the value of the family unit. It was part of the culture that shaped him. But Jesus gets radical when he states that there is a deeper bond yet. One that exists between those who "do the will of God." This bond is so powerful that Jesus calls these people his brothers and sisters and mother. In doing so, Jesus challenges the culture of his day and begins to offer a vision of a new community, one rooted in the eternal will of God. Here at South Run Baptist Church, we value both kinds of family—we seek to serve families as we traditionally think of them, and we seek to live out Christ’s vision of that larger family rooted in the eternal things of God.

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