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Love Your Enemies
July 15, 2018

Love Your Enemies

Passage: 2 Samuel 1:1, 17-27; Matthew 5:43-48
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It is a remarkable part of David's story that in the wake of his victories over his enemies, he often laments. He does not rejoice over Saul's death. He mourns it. He did not seek Saul's death, and he even avenges it. But it's not just Saul's death David mourns, he also mourns the deaths of other enemies throughout his life--Abner, Ishbosheth, and Absalom--to name three. I don't wish to claim that David gives us a perfect picture of Jesus' admonition to love our enemies, but he certainly gives us a good picture. In the (literally) cut-throat world of his life, David maintained compassion and empathy, even for those who were trying to kill him. David has much to teach us.

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