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Let the Revolution Begin!
April 1, 2018

Let the Revolution Begin!

Passage: Mark 16:1-8
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Mark's Gospel is not the fanciest, the most polished, or the most theologically rich of the gospels--and this is certainly true concerning the resurrection account. However, the simplicity of Mark's resurrection allows us to focus on the most important point of any resurrection: People aren't supposed to come back from the dead! This would be as surprising to a first-century hearer as it is to a 21st-century hearer. Death is supposed to be final. It is supposed to be the end of it all. But with the resurrection, we get not the end of it all but the beginning! The beginning of new life. The beginning of a world turned upside down (or right side up!). The beginning of a revolution in which God has begun to take back control of his creation from the powers of darkness and death.

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