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God as Judge
July 1, 2018

God as Judge

Passage: Psalm 50; Hebrews 12:5-11
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Sermon Outline: Judgment is something it seems our society today is obsessed with in a bunch of different ways. We love to pass judgments on people extremely quickly based off their appearance, possessions, and attitudes, but get highly offended when people do so to us. It seems as if our political and social climates are all concerned with the concept of "being right;" but in order to be right, we pass judgments on why all others are wrong. But judgment is not something that is just of our world: it's a part of our God's nature as well. Many of us have a hard time explaining to other Christians and non-believers how our God is a judge: after all, isn't it extremely unloving to pass judgment on someone or something? Wouldn't that defy the love of God? How does God being a judge fit in with the rest of His nature? Psalm 50 addresses 3 of our common misperceptions about God as judge and brings us the realities of God's judgment instead, and through this, we see the nature of God in His judgment.

Misperception #1: We don't feel like God has a right to judge us: we are in control of our own lives.
Reality #1: God has power and wisdom infinitely beyond us, yet knows us deeply: only He is capable and right to judge.

Misperception #2: Because God is a judge, Christianity is a list of "Do's and Dont's" that God, the judge, made arbitrarily: He just wants me to do the right thing.
Reality #2: God's judgment is based on the condition of our hearts, which drives our actions: not the other way around. Faith in Him produces right actions: not vice versa.

Misperception #3: God understands my struggles with sin, so He's okay with whatever effort I can bring Him.
Reality #3: While God knows our struggles, we were still designed to give our hearts to Him; our righteousness comes when we live in Him fully.

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