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From Slavery to Freedom
February 17, 2019

From Slavery to Freedom

Passage: Numbers 27:12-23, John 8:31-36
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When Moses first encountered God at the burning bush, he was given a job description that can be put on the back of a business card: take Israel from slavery to freedom. By the end of the book of Numbers, they are so close to finishing the task, but God informs Moses that he will die before reaching the goal. We can ask why he wasn’t allowed to experience the glory of the promised land. We can ask why he was only allowed to see it from afar. But what need not be questioned is that, by following the leading of God, Moses took a people who were once slaves and led them to freedom. His task is immortalized in the narrative of the Torah, fulfilled in the person of Christ, and lived out in everyday lives of people like you and me who must walk the path from slavery to freedom and lead others to do the same.

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