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A Man on a Mission
February 4, 2018

A Man on a Mission

Passage: Mark 1:29-39; Ezekiel 3:1-4
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Mark 1:29-39 tells of Jesus building a successful ministry in which people were coming to him in droves, people were being healed, his disciples were active and engaged, and, as verse 33 says, “the whole city” was gathered at Simon’s door because of Jesus’ ministry. The whole city! What Jesus does next, however, is surprising. He walks out into a deserted place to pray, to center himself on the vision God has given him, and to align himself with the purposes of God; and in light of this time of prayer, Jesus willingly walks away from a successful ministry because God has something bigger yet in store. As a result, Jesus’ hard decision allows his ministry to expand and fulfill the larger purposes God has designed for him.

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