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Sunday Morning Bible Study (9:45 am – 10:45 am)


While many of our groups are age-based you are free to join any group and to move between groups based on your interest.

Prayer (Kitchen)

Led by Jim Hempstead this group focuses on the study of prayer using primarily Andrew Murray’s Teach Me to Pray along with other materials.

Ready to Launch Parenting Study (Conference Room 2)

Facilitated by Derek Davis.  Christian parents are not seeking mere behavior modification in their children but the growth of truly godly passions. “Training a child up in the way he should go” must be done intentionally, with the mind and heart of God.  Based on Psalm 127, our study will alternate weeks watching a video teaching session one Sunday, then spend time exploring scriptures and in-depth discussion the following Sunday.  You do not have to be “young” or “married” to join this discussion.

That the World May Know (Sanctuary)

Led by Greg Giddens and Clint Hunt. We will use an on-location video based series of lessons to experience the Bible in historical context as we walk in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul in Greece. We will look at how to proclaim God’s name in all the earth and how to live in our own Athens or Corinth – increasingly secular worlds – in a way that glorifies God.

Young at Heart (Library )

Led by Greg Young and Bob Forcht.  This class will be reading the books of 1, 2 and 3 John considering the challenges Christians face in their daily walk and how biblical teachings can assist us in dealing with everyday situations.

Back Row Baptists (Sanctuary)

Judy Camarella will be leading a study of biblical justice. More information available soon.

College (Fellowship Hall)

Led by Nathan and Shana Corday.  We will be exploring How to read the Bible using the book of Jonah during September and October.  The next focus will be Biblical Apologetics for Real Life.


Using Lifeway’s Bible Studies for Life curriculum.  This fall we will cover 2 units.  “Welcome Home” where we’ll examine what it means to show Biblical hospitality to our neighbors.  Followed by “How to Pray” where we will study the Lord’s prayer and discover ways to grow in our own prayer life.

Teachers: 7th/8th grade—Erik Larsen, 9th/10th grades—Gary Alexander, 11th/12th grades—Jeff Secrist


Classes from birth through 2nd grade will use Lifeway’s, Bible Studies for Life.  They will learn about their roles in the church and their family as it relates to Jesus as they study the units, “Loving My Family” and “Worship God at Church.” They will also learn about how God created everything in the unit “God Created the World.”

Birth to 2 years teachers–Jeanie Ervin, Deena Hugel

2 years to 3 years teachers– teachers—Nancy Cunningham, Ben Ervin, Debbie Forcht, Terri Wilkie

4 years to Kindergarten teachers—Marcia Wood, Erin Ovenshire

1st and 2nd grade teachers—Allison Donnelly, Beth Davis

The 3rd through 6th graders will use Lifeway’s  Explore the Bible.  Kids will study the Books of 2 Samuel, 1 Chronicles, Genesis, Galatians, and James. Stories in 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles will highlight David’s reign as king. Studies in Genesis will follow God’s plan for Abraham’s family. Galatians will help Kids see the only way to salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ. The Book of James will guide boys and girls to remain obedient to God and live lives that show their faith in Him.

3rd and 4th grade teachers—Laura Menzie, Paige Turner

5th and 6th grade teachers—Megan Beiswenger, Billy Prout




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