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Preteen Ministry

We want to build a community of support for the preteens of South Run (5th-6th graders) and also facilitate friendships among the kids. To start, we will invite the kids to join us for fun afternoon/evenings every 1 or 2 months (Fridays or Saturdays). We will have a game night, go to a movie, go bowling, or other activities in the Springfield area. We will focus on fostering friendship among the kids and mentoring-type relationships between the leaders and kids. We will create a team-like environment where the preteens feel accepted and able to talk openly with peers and leaders about social issues, the character of God, the world we live in, and any other topics about which we (as leaders) can impart godly wisdom. The families with leadership roles for this next year will be the Beiswengers and the Menzies with help from other families as needed.

Contact preteenministry@southrun.org for more information.


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8712 Selger Drive, Springfield, VA 22153
703 455 4521