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God’s Story of South Run

For over 30 years, South Run Baptist Church has existed to serve the people of Northern Virginia by demonstrating the life-changing love of Jesus Christ to our neighbors. Paul wrote to the church in Corinth that “these three remain: Faith, hope, and love.” We are proud to say that all of these characteristics were inherent to the founding of our fellowship. Throughout our history, we have seen hundreds of people come to our community because their job, the military, or the government brought them here. We recognize that their occupation may have brought them here, but ultimately we testify that the Lord called them here. Every person that has come through South Run has made an impact on the church’s identity. Likewise, this fellowship of Jesus Christ has made an impression on them as we send them out equipped to share the gospel message. This church exists to the glory of God alone, and we hope that you find that same identity for yourself as you watch these videos that help tell God’s story of us.


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8712 Selger Drive, Springfield, VA 22153
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